Lunch on Cheung Chau, Hong Kong

by Martin Malden

Cheung Chau, Hong Kong

Cheung Chau Island is about a 1-hour ferry trip West from Hong Kong Island (towards Macau).

It’s primarily a residential island and much smaller than Lamma.

It has a different feel to Lamma (at least to Yung Shu Wan on Lamma), because it’s a lot less cosmopolitan.

Lots of shops too, but mostly catering to Cheung Chau residents rather than tourists – so pretty boring :).

There are lots of excellent seafood restaurants there, though, set out on a promenade that circles the harbour. There’s a sprinkling of ex-pat restaurants too, including a pub, but very few.

Whereas Lamma has a reasonable number of ex-pat residents, Cheung Chau’s residents are mostly Chinese, and the style of the buildings and the main temple reflect this.

Central Hong KongHowever, because of its excellent (and large) selection of seafood restaurants, a lot of people make the trip over there on a weekend for an excellent seafood lunch, and this provides a lot of the island’s income.

The ferries to Cheung Chau are all big and slow. There are air-conditioned cabins, but the real plus side of these ferries is the deck at the stern which is completely open.

Grab a spot there on a clear day and you’ll get spectacular (and uninterrupted) views of Hong Kong Island, the Kowloon peninsular and all the various landmarks you pass on the way to Cheung Chau. If you’re good with a camera this is definitely pole position.

Beach oin Cheung ChauCheung Chau is long and thin. You can walk from the harbour across the island to a delightful beach in less than 10 minutes, and from end to end (North to South) in less than 30. And there are no cars there. Bicycles yes, lots, but cars – none.

Because of the island’s small size and lack of hills you don’t get good walks or great views as you do on Lamma. But it is peaceful and you can look across to Lantau and back to Hong Kong when it’s clear.

If a lazy seafood lunch with reasonable wine or beer is your thing, then Cheung Chau’s good value.

The food and wine are pretty much exactly what you’ll get at Sok Kwa Wan on Lamma, but the atmosphere of the place is very different and the ferry trip will give you some good views, as long as the weather’s clear.

The first 5 pictures on this page are also from Cheung Chau. Click on the thumbnail and then click again on the picture that comes up for a bigger version.

Martin Malden

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