Places to See in South Asia

South Asia covers India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka.

This is a region that’s experienced explosive growth since the mid 90’s in some regions, while others have languished. Even in the countries that have developed more quickly, there’s still a huge gap between the rich and the poor.

These articles cover my travels for work (mostly) in South Asia.

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My First Trip to India

by Martin Malden

Gateway to India

This incident dates back to 1995. Things have changed a bit since then, but this is my recollection from one evening in Delhi, during my first trip there. Four of us had almost completed a project in India, and all except me were leaving. I was staying to do some final proof-reading and editing. After […]

Delhi to Chandigarh By Train

by Martin Malden

Taj Mahal, India

I’d arrived in Delhi from Hong Kong at 1:00 am, grabbed a couple of hours sleep and was standing on the platform at Delhi Railway station by 6:30, when the train was supposed to leave. Only to be listening to announcement after announcement explaining that trains from various locations were delayed. By several hours, in […]